Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mom on Sunday morning

I just wrote a ginormous blog post on my iPhone here at the hospital, using a new blogging app I downloaded. (I have been at the hospital so much that I have not even posted to this blog yet and, well, that's a little ridiculous!) Anyway, I got a phonecall while i was composing the last paragraph. Wouldn't you know it, the app is not smart enough to save my draft while I answer the phone. Fatal flaw!

Last night, I got a call from Brighams at midnight. The phone buzz woke me from a sound sleep. I immediately called back. I hate to say it but I was scared and fearing the worst. It turned out to be a non- emergency... and kind of a funny story.

Nurse Kim had been performing a routine EKG on my mom. At the same time, mom was transitioning from an a-fib state to "sinus" (this is the name for a normal heart rhythm state, in "a-fib" speak). Turns out that mom's heart beat stopped for 8 seconds during this transition. The heart beat lagging is said to be normal during the transition, but 8 seconds was a longer time lapse than usual. Kim mentioned it to the Doctor. Mom overheard the conversation and suddenly asked Kim to call us. When Kim wanted to know who to call and what number, mom reached behind her pillow and produced a slip of paper with three names & phone numbers on it...

Earlier in the day, mom had asked Julie to write down our phone numbers for her on a piece of paper. We did not know when, or how, the numbers would come in handy for Dolly. I think we just assumed the numbers would act as a security blanket for mom. Little did we know! Mom wanted us to know about the 8 second lapse and she wanted us to know NOW!

Nurse Kim told me the story. Then she said mom wanted to talk to me. I spoke with mom in the phone. I told her id see her tomorrow. She said, " Come early."

Nurse Kim was impressed by mom. Everyone is impressed with mom. I think she has more packed into her brain per square inch than anyone I know, and it's serving her very well now.

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