Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving day

Dolly was moved to Spaulding rehab today.

She was so excited to move out of the hospital, it was a tender moment to say the least. We fought rush hour traffic to get there, Kathy and Matt in the ambulance with mom, and me following in my car. The first great thing I learned about Spaulding was that they are compassionate people right down to the woman who takes the parking money. The ambulance carrying my precious cargo pulled into the parking area past the booth and waited for me. I had to pay the lady. I rifled through my carry on bag which has become my purse, looking for money. I know I had some! I found three dollars in there, but I needed five. I unbuckled my seatbelt to scootch up and check my money. I told the lady "I know I have money, just a second"... She said, "it's okay, they are waiting for you" as she gestured to the ambulance 10 feet in front of me. I was floored, this is Boston after all. I offered her up the three dollars in my hand, and she refused it, told me to go through.

When the admitting nurse cut the wristband from my mother that bared her Brigham and Women's info, I asked her for it. I wanted to save it for mom. Odd maybe, but so is the Weller way, we are odd people who collect odd things. I thought she would appreciate it later on in her recovery. As I unzipped my fleece pocket to add the cut wristband, I found my money in there.


  1. this is the stuff that restores faith in human nature. Expect miracles you all!