Friday, May 29, 2009

One Red Bead

Since we have all been spending so much time in the hospital, I brought in some beads and silver wire everyday to crochet necklaces. Mom always wants to see what I am doing. She approves every necklace before I put the clasps on them. A few days ago, Julie said "I want to make a stroke bracelet" and went through all the beads I had with me. She had an idea to use one red bead as the clot that caused my mothers stroke and a different color bead for the body of the bracelet. I thought it was a great idea. I had no red beads with me at the time, so the next day I brought some and we made the bracelets. We showed them to Mom, and she wanted one too. Kathy's, Julie's and mine are all iolite with one red coral bead, we told mom she could have any color bracelet she wanted. It was a bit of a struggle to get her to tell us what color she wanted because the first 3 times we asked her, she would only respond with "one red bead". Finally, she told me that she wanted black. So, I made her an onyx bracelet with one red coral bead. I put it on her wrist when she returned from her G-tube surgery at Brigham and Women's hospital, and she has been lifting her arm to her vision to admire it ever since. When I asked her what kind of bracelet she was wearing, she said it was a "Dolly bracelet" and then she said "one red bead" again.