Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back in rehab

Doll face was moved back to Spaulding today. We are all breathing a sigh of relief for that. Her bed was taken during her absence, but she got into a different room. She starts her schedule tomorrow. The people who work there are wonderful. Her first nurse on duty tonight was a treat. A funny lady with a wonderful outlook, she made us feel like we were queens of the castle.

Dolly was not too talkative today. She seems to be mentally absorbing the gravity of her situation...finally. I believe it has got her down a bit, and there is no blaming her for that, not one bit. She told me all the food that she wants when she starts eating again. She wants red jello, vanilla pudding and applesauce. This gives me even more impression that she is totally there mentally. She told me that Scott was bringing her a pizza the other day. She knows what she will be able to eat when she starts. She is a smart lady.

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