Monday, June 1, 2009

Heart rate is stablized...long term.

The pacemaker procedure was successful the doctors say.
After a short stay in recovery, Dolly was back in her room, and feeling better. She is surprising me at every turn. She has been through so much, and I still see improvement every day.

I am also very impressed with her tolerance for discomfort. She has never complained about anything in the 14 days and nights she has been in the hospital except for when she says "I'm starving!" but who can blame her for that? She loves the lollipop sponges, and has recently been getting little tastes of ginger ale instead of water. She is also spry for her condition. When I got up and moved to the right side of her bed, she thought I had left. I caught her reaching for the table, pull it closer to her, and grabbing at her cup of ginger ale with the three mouth sponges in there. She almost got it!! I think I scared her a little when I caught her and told her 'no, can't have that" she thought no one was there. Maybe if I catch her again, she'll start to use her neck to move her head to see if anyone is at her right side (I always have to ask her to move her head, she rarely moves it without suggestion...not yet anyway).

She is a favorite of her nurses, they all tell us how nice she is, and she is always on her best behavior. Whenever she meets a new nurse, she waves her little princess wave, says hello and repeats their name. She remembers them and thanks them for everything. She hasn't lost her manners.

She will be watched now for the next day at least before they will move her back to Spaulding.


  1. i am so glad to know the procedure went well. next stop: Spaulding!

  2. Ditto what Suzanne said...this was the first thing I checked this morning. 3 cheers for Dolly!!!!

  3. So happy to hear that the procedure went well!