Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th

There was some noticeable improvement today. Although small, I was so happy! The moment Dolly saw Scott and I in the hallway approaching her room, both her eyes opened up and they stayed open the entire time we were there. She never did her 'Popeye' look while we were there today. She is so much prettier when she's not keeping one eye closed all the time. We took two small chair trips tonight, too. One to the sitting room at the end of her hallway, and the other to the lobby where we sat for a few minutes in a sitting area.

Also, I may have seen her right leg move. I say 'may have' because I'm not really sure if the movement was caused by the rest of her body shifting or if she really did move it on her own. She claimed that she moved her hand and leg a little today in therapy. I asked her to show me, and she couldn't show the arm, but the leg I know I saw move a little. Reflex? Inertia? I hope not. My spirits are growing with these new improvements. I hope there is much more improvement tomorrow.


  1. Glad to hear there is progress. Your mom seems to really be working hard to make it happen. {{{Hugs}}} ;o)

  2. Nancy - we live for these moments during recovery! The ups help us through the downs. So glad to hear it was an UP day!!! Go Dolly, Go Dolly!!!