Monday, June 22, 2009

Neuropathways and movement

My friend Marsha gave me a link to this website about Neurofeedback. I found this article which is very helpful in understanding how to get the brain to react to passive movement study in stroke.
It focuses on what is going on in the brain when passive movement of the weak muscles are manipulated by someone other than the muscle owner. It is completely written in doctor talk, but with my current buddies being nurses and nurses assistants, I thought I would read it until I understood what it says. I 'got it' after three reads.

My interpretation and thought: Gotta get those homonomous alpha motor neurons to discharge and produce reflexes and ultimately get her neurons to re-wire. It's tough to keep reminding Mom that there is nothing 'wrong' with her right side, she just needs her brain to realize it is there, and to move it.

My next visit with Mom will have a lot of passive manipulation of her arm and much as she can deal with that is.

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  1. Awesome Nancy -- thanks for the link. I'll check it out when I have some time to read it. I'm so grateful that we sisters all have each other to share all kinds of information with. Aren't we lucky?!?!?!?