Sunday, June 21, 2009

The next step.

I arrived at Spaulding today in the middle of mom’s lunch. Dolly was sitting in her wheelchair, a towel draped across her chest, with her table positioned in front of her loaded with wonderful food. She had visitors, too. Kathy, Matt and Gail (Matt’s mom who had a stroke about 6 years ago) watched and talked to her as she ate. They were all deep in conversation with mom who was talking with her mouth full when I arrived. I don’t know why this is still an issue for me, but I seriously don’t want her to aspirate, so I guess it’s my job to keep telling her ‘don’t talk with your mouth full’. We all talked for a while, then Matt and his mom went shopping, and Kathy and I stayed for just a few more minutes before we started our tour of sub-acute rehabs in the area. We visited 5. Two of which were nixed pretty much as we walked through the doors.

I believe we have a wonderful contender for mom's next step in the form of the Sherrill House in Jamaica Plain. Out of all the sub-acute rehabs that Kathy and I visited today, the Sherrill House was by far the best. We have two other contenders that are second choices...perhaps they tie for second. The Coolidge House in Brookline and the Neville Center in Cambridge. These two tied for second and are both clean and actually focused on rehab, and we had nice visits in each. My vote is for Sherrill House though. It really stuck out from the others. The rehab room was really big and had a lot of equipment, the hallways were very wide, the rooms were big, and the staff seemed wonderful. They even had some nice outdoor sitting areas that other facilities did not. Sherrill house also has a wonderful art program. There is original artwork in all the common areas. I love that! Not just crappy art either, good art, art that makes you want to look at it, nice colorful art, in all mediums.

Visiting the Sherrill house, the Coolidge house, and the Neville Center, solidified our conclusion that we visited a couple of really awful rehabs in our efforts. I won’t mention the names…but I can say they were ‘depressing’ to say the least. The great difference between a sub-acute rehab and a nursing home is the gym, the amount of therapy that the patient can receive on a daily basis, and the amount of nurses and aides per patient per floor. The Sherrill house seems to go above and beyond in all these key features.

This new adventure will hopefully be inspiring for Mom. I cheer her on, try to get her motivated, but I feel like she is too comfortable at Spaulding. Hopefully when she moves to another facility, we can change her outlook on her recovery...get her to work harder. I want her to succeed in getting as independent as she can possibly be. I know she can get there…she just needs people to push her in the right direction.

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  1. yep, there sure are crappy facilites out there. i am so glad to hear you have found some that will work for you and Dolly.