Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random observation #1

Sometimes - often, really - the bus driver does not punch my 10-pass card. Every non-punch saves me another bus ride. This makes me wonder if they know why I am taking the ride.


  1. Hmm. That's kind of "higher being" ish...
    or simply another disgruntled MBTA worker.

  2. Actually, the bus is not an MBTA bus -- it's a shuttle bus from Harvard Square to Longwood Medican Area (company who does it is called It runs very frequently and is primarily populated by medical students and medical professonals. So it's nice, direct and convenient. And not the MBTA... although, being a public transportation girl, I must admit that the 47 bus which serves Central Square to Longwood Medical Area is also a route that is run pretty well -- buses run frequently, on time in my experience, and not a nightmare route to ride at all. Brownie points for the T there. :P)