Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sam and Dolly

Mom was so excited to visit with Sam and Dave today. So incredibly excited, that she got Kathy to take her outside before Julie and I arrived. We were in separate cars, but both experienced the same horrendous traffic as soon as we hit the edge of Dorchester. We inched along the expressway until the traffic eased up as soon as we hit downtown Boston, go figure.

Kathy and Mom had been waiting for us outside for close to an hour. I felt horrible that we were not there sooner. Her window of attention is not what it used to be, and the dogs were so interested in the new surroundings when they finally got out of the car. Dolly kept saying that they don't remember her. Especially Sam, she was feeling down that he didn't remember her. I know he did, but she does look different, and her speech is not what he is used to just yet. We will try again with the dogs next Sunday.

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