Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 9th

There is not much new to report on the Dolly front. She continues to eat, which is wonderful to watch. She has not been fed by the tube since Sunday late, or early Monday, I don't remember which. Her feeding tube still gets a workout though, the nurses have to measure her stomach contents throughout the day. Not a pleasant procedure to watch. Hopefully they will remove the feeding tube as soon as they are satisfied that she is digesting properly.

She is using her neck to turn her head more, this in itself is a small victory. She turns to the left quite naturally now, although I still have to ask her to turn her head to see her right side. Scott was sitting on the bed to her right today and when she motioned for Scott, she motioned behind her, towards her back.

I had a meeting with the Care Coordinator this afternoon. Dolly's ETD from Spaulding is June 24th. Huh?? I know!! A short 2 weeks from now. Scott and I had another pep talk with her, explaining that if she makes more progress she will be able to stay longer and get stronger. I don't really believe that she fully understands. I have noticed since she has started PT and OT on a daily basis, that she likes to rest the entire balance of the day. She has not even been shifting herself with her strong side. At first, she amazed the doctors with how strong her left leg and arm were, now, she doesn't even use them to get comfortable. This worries me to no end.


  1. It's got to be some sort of insane roller coaster you are all on.

    Hope the pep talks work.

  2. there may be some bumps in the road but she is strong and is on her way to getting herself better.

  3. I hope so Kim. So far, she is not making the progress we were hopeful for. I hope she steps up to the task!

    Suze, I know. I am hopeful that she regains all of her faculties. Right now however, it seems that she is comfortable with her progress...and that is not good enough. Sad to say.