Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken salad and banana

Visited the Doll after work tonight. It was so good to see her. Hadn't seen her since Monday due to my run-in with some bad cherries I ate on Monday night. (You know, I'll be 40 this month and I've never had food poisoning in my life until now. That's one I can now cross off the list -- ha!)

Dolly's sounding better and better, more like her old self it seems, in voice and in how she puts words and thoughts together, every couple of days. It's fun to encounter the changes. Sometimes they take me by surprise. I see her a lot (except when I am keeping over and puking my guts out from bad cherries) so it might be that I pick up on all the little nuances that might not be noticeable to some one else. But it's thrilling when you see a new baseline in her speech, or, for that matter, in anything else.

Speaking of which, Dolly is officially on some -- drumroll -- solid foods now!! This is a very exciting new development. Today she had a banana and some of a chicken salad sandwich. Tomorrow I think they will be serving her complete meals of solid foods. Not solid like a steak, but solid like egg salad sandwich on soft bread. But that's perfectly great in my book! Baby steps!

Today, as all of my weekday work days are, now that I am back to work, are now "short days" for my visits at rehab. Weekends, I will be spending much more time there. And then additionally, on Wednesdays for the next month, I will be able to spend the entire day at Spaulding and attend all of her therapy appointments. I am really, really looking forward to this Saturday's appointments and next Wednesday's appointment to see how she is progressing with Physical and Occupational Therapies. (Spaulding doesn't have therapy appointments on Sundays, but we are planning a fun outdoor visit time with daughters and granddogs, so she will be sure to get plenty of stimulation on her "day off".) She tells me what's going on during her daily appointments, but there is really no substitute for being able to see for myself how she is progressing and talking with her team.

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  1. Kathy,
    Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope you are doing a bit better now.

    Congrats on your progress! Way to go!