Friday, June 26, 2009

We have moved.

Today, Dolly was transferred to Sherrill House. She will be in their 'Return to Home' program. We are all so happy that she 'got in' so to speak. I saw renewed motivation in her, an actual glimmer in her eyes. It was nice to see.

I spent the whole day with Dolly, with some brief times away to get some other things done. At one point she was fixated on me getting her a new shirt for tomorrow, so she sent me to Boomerangs. I found 2 shirts there that I thought she would like, and she did. She also wanted everyone to know what I spent on them....ready?...$3. I think one shirt was $1 and the other was $2. She loves that place, and I think she feels comfortable to be so close to it now. She can consider it her closet if it motivates her, that's fine with me!

I stopped by her house on my way home tonight, got her mail, and watered her plants...all 50 or so of them. While I was there, I noticed this 'art' installation in her bedroom.

The first few times I noticed this work of art, I had been focused on other tasks I had to do in her home. I remembered seeing it, but never had quite a reaction to it as I did tonight. I saw my mother in this placement of gloves, mask, scarves and pin on a workout machine. She is truly an imaginative artist.

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  1. Nancy, so glad to see it's been a good day!

    Loved the story - great store, btw. Great cause and fantastic bargains on those shirts for Dolly!

    Love the objet d'art!