Monday, June 29, 2009

The woman has her ways

I am a badass dork in my "Hello Kitty" swarovski crystal belt

My 40th birthday was this weekend. On Saturday I spent time with mom. Julie, Nancy, Nick, Scott, Matt and me planned to meet at mom's around dinnertime,  so we could all visit together, and then go out to dinner and drinks. I was surprised beyond belief to find that my mom planned to surprise me with a birthday gift. And I'm not talking about just ANY gift. This is the epitome of what a gift should be -- something that you would NEVER buy for yourself but that you would secretly covet if you ever saw it! (Turns out Julie was mom's partner in crime! Thanks Julie!) I will have a hard time taking a "day off" from this present. I suspect I'll wear it for six months straight before taking a break.