Friday, June 5, 2009

Wonderful Day

I was able to arrive early enough to witness Dolly's Speech and Swallow Therapy and her Occupational Therapy today. She blew me away during both hours which took place back to back. At the end of her OT hour, we got to take her outside, on the cafe deck. She really enjoyed being with Kathy and I outside of her room and out of her bed. It was a short jaunt outside because it was cold and windy and drizzling a bit. We looked at the edge of Cambridge from the edge of Boston.

After we were back in the room and Dolly was settled, she got a meal delivered. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. A glorious meal of broccoli, mashed potatoes and chicken with gravy. It was all pureed, and she kept referring to it as the best baby food she ever ate. She was expecting applesauce, vanilla pudding and cranberry juice. Her meal also arrived with pureed chicken and rice soup, and pureed fruit cocktail for dessert. She was in heaven. She enjoyed it so much, she kept saying how good her baby food was. She kept repeating how good the food was, we had to remind her that her swallow is not the best, so 'NO TALKING WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL" She barely listened to us as she ate her meal all by herself.

What joy!


  1. Keep up the good work Dolly! Great day for you guys, Nancy. I hope it continues!