Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stand. Bend at the knees.

Scott and I arrived at Dolly's while she was in her therapy yesterday. Seeing her empty bed was a bit shocking and wonderful all at the same time. When we realized she wasn't there, we searched the facility in a few places that we thought she could be if she was with other visitors, such as the dining room, sitting room, and the outside patio. She was not at any of these places. So Scott and I took the elevator to the bottom floor to the Gym.

There she was in the middle of a therapy appointment. It was awesome to see.

Kathy was with her, as was her therapist. She was doing arm exercises when we arrived, and when she was done with them, she had the opportunity to be done with her therapy for the day or to move on. She chose to move on. I was inwardly ecstatic.

I witnessed her stand up, hold a bar and bend at the knees. 10 repetitions, twice. A wonderful exhibition. I was so proud of her. The fact that she wanted to do this as an extra was really encouraging to me. I think something clicked in her brain, and she finally has some motivation. Being waited on hand and foot can take a toll on your desire to do things for yourself. It was wonderful to see Mom make a pointed effort. I really hope it continues.

Today is the Fourth of July.

Freedom has new meaning to me now. Freedom is being able to go to the bathroom by yourself, being able to transfer to your wheelchair without help, and to get back into bed when you want to without having to ask for help. Freedom is also being able to make yourself comfortable in bed without asking for a boost. These are goals that need to be met by Dolly if she hopes to resume a life outside of a rehab or nursing home. This is freedom. These are my hopes.

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  1. I love this post. I'm holding that flag with you!!