Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday Car Ride.

Anyone who is keeping track will know, we are not on any financial assistance anymore. Medicare is finished paying for Mom's stay until they see some more improvement. At that point we can possibly get an appeal, and have them start paying again, but for now...we are on our own.

On Monday, Julie wanted to take Mom on a car ride. I was all for that. We got an aide to help get Mom in Julie's car, and we buckled her in! What a wonderful time she had.

We drove down Commonwealth Ave, to the Public Garden, and around the Boston Commons. As we drove, we decided to pick up Kathy at a close T station and drive her home. This proved to be a little too much for Mom. We circled the Boston Common about 4 times until Kathy emerged from the Park Street Station T stop. She was coming from work and just wanted to be a part of the first outing of Mom. On our way to drive Kathy home, Mom got car sick. I felt horrible, not just for the fact that she got sick, but for the fact that I just wanted to do something nice for her, and she got sick. She got sick again after we dropped Kathy off at home. Damn, but what a wonderful time she had regardless. She can't stop talking about it, and can't wait to do it again.

Even with the carsickness, she had a great time. I think we over did it, it was an almost two hour drive all tolled. Kathy got home fine, we got back to Sherrill House fine, although we did have a little snafu, when after we got her back into her wheelchair it looked like her right (weak) ankle was injured. An x-ray the next morning proved that everything was normal...thank gawd!
Julie is planning to take her on another road trip on Saturday. I hope I can be present!


  1. Looks like the change of scenery was something your mom really enjoyed. :)

  2. awesome post!! thanks again for picking
    me up! wow that was a great time.

  3. It looks like Dolly really enjoyed this. What a great idea.

  4. Hooray! I loved reading this and seeing the excellent photos.

    Do it again! Do it again!!!