Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's Amore

Dolly is settling in nicely now at Epoch. She moved in on Friday and complained about it all weekend. Being so close to her intense mood changes, I can easily say that her actions explain more than her tantrums scream. She has been participating in activities almost every chance she can, which is awesome. She is even claiming that the food is good now. She has some friends that she meets in the hallway, and she eats with them in the dining room for lunch and dinner. She is accepting Epoch as her community, this is great!

Today I stopped in after work to have a quick visit, and I found Dolly in the Alzheimer's wing dining room. There was a musical show. A man singing and a woman on the electric piano. I just caught 'That's Amore' and realized right away how much Mom was enjoying it. She was bobbing her head and mouthing the words, I couldn't interrupt that.

I dropped by a little later, and she was in the hallway with her friends. I sat with her there with her friends for an hour. We chatted, talked about food and the wonderful dessert they had at lunchtime. There was a bit of controversy over what the fruit was that everyone had with the whipped cream, Mom said it was cherries, Marion said strawberries, but in the end it didn't matter. The dinner trucks came, the first one went into the Alzheimer's unit, the second one went to the Sub-acute unit, and the third truck was gossiped about even before it arrived. I let her go to the dining room to eat.

They are having another show tomorrow, a folk singer. Mom said she wants to go to that, and even told the activities lady that I was 'maybe' going to come to that show, too. We'll see.


  1. I love hearing all she's doing. I hope this place works out for your mom and all of you, too.

  2. I totally understand Kathy's comment. I am happy for Dolly though. And what a lesson for us. She is in the moment, hard to do.

  3. All of this is so good. Definitely helps the healing process.

  4. I am so glad she seems to be settling in :)

  5. I love it :) I used to do activities with seniors for a livin'...and I have to tell you, it was one of the best jobs, EVER. So much fun...