Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday afternoon visit with Dolly

I spent an hour with Dolly today after work. She was in the front hall with Marion. She has been sitting in the front hall as of late, ready to greet the visitors which she does with gusto. She knows everyone, residents as well as visitors. She has a nasty habit of blurting out personal information about whoever is passing by her just as they are passing by. For instance, a woman came in and passed by us, and just as she was passing, my mother says "her mother is 105. The oldest person in here. She looks good for having a 105 year old mother." Stuff like that. Oh, and a man getting wheeled past us, mom says "He is on oxygen now, he never was before." Her personal filter has been long lost, I'm not really sure if she had one to begin with.

The second she saw me, she started talking about how I need to take her out more. How I have to 'step up' since Julie is on vacation and I should take her out to dinner tonight. She told me that she hadn't been out in weeks...even a month! I called her on that and she laughed while she lied. It was really funny. She then demanded that she go with me wherever I go for Easter. I suppose we have to make some reservations somewhere for Easter now. We are celebrating more holidays than we ever did before her stroke.

'Step up'...she is so funny sometimes.

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